Call for manifestation in Dublin on 18-02-05 at 11am

par Diaspora Ireland , le 18 février 2005, publié sur


Call for manifestation in Dublin on 18-02-05

GET UP STAND UP Togolese over the world to HALT the monarchy of Eyadema,s clan..

Stand in togetherness to support the Rule of Law and Democracy in TRANSPARENCY and LEGITIMACY.

Diaspora of Togolese in Ireland is calling you , togolese and others friends to a manifestation to protest against the MILITARY COUP that happened in Togo just after the death of the ex-president Eyadema. SAY NO to the successor DINOSAURE FAURE EYADEMA.

It is on the 18-02-05 at 11am from America Embassy to French Embassy via British Embassy.

Thank you for your contribution

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